Week 5: Marathon Training

Hey, hi, what’s up!

We’re definitely making some serious “hey, you’re actually getting into marathon training” progress over here. I’m not past my half marathon point just yet (I believe that’s in a week), but training is definitely taking forefront and I’m giving a distinct place in my schedule for the workouts. I’m not doing anything crazy like giving up my social life, but I am getting up at the ass crack of dawn to get a long run done. I know, I can’t believe it either.

Monday: 3 miles (speed work) + lift legs

I’ve been doing the same 33 minute speed workout once a week on the treadmill. It’s hard. And I can’t always do the full speed level, but I’m getting there. Progress, right? And by progress, I mean I don’t feel like I’ll shoot off the end of the treadmill any minute.

Tuesday: 6 miles + lift back

Woof. This was not an easy six miler. Not. At. All. But I got it done, so yay! My backs been killing me and I’m not sure if it’s my slouchy ways or just from running longer miles (is that a thing?). Either way, I’m trying to strengthen my core and back to help.

Wednesday: Rest

Also known as my bed was waaaaay too comfy that morning to get up.

Thursday: 45 minute spin class + 2 miles

WOW. It was awesome to get back to spin class. I had fallen out of the habit, but being back made me realign my priorities. This is great cross training and completely exhausts your body. Obviously I jogged a few miles after class to keep up with my Fitbit challenges. I’m obsessed #sorrynotsorry. Am I the only one who loves their Fitbit?

Friday: 8 mile long run

The weekend was going to be busy AF, so I was proactive and decided to run my long run Friday morning before work. Yes, that means I got up at 5:00 a.m. to run. And yes, I’m pretty proud LOL. My intent was to go 10 miles, but I ran out of time. Otherwise, the weather was perfect (hi, 68 degrees, I love you) and the run felt good.

Saturday: Rest

Saturday was jam packed with my cousin’s wedding prep. The wedding was SUPER fun and the venue was gorg.

Sunday: Walking, walking and more walking

I’m counting this as something like cross training since I walked around the hot, hilly Philadelphia zoo for my boyfriend’s nephew’s birthday for hours. It was awesome and I highly recommend going.

How’s your week/training going? Is anyone else obsessed with their fitness tracker (aka Fitbit)? How does it help your training? 


3 thoughts on “Week 5: Marathon Training

  1. Just finished that copy of Runner’s World 🙂

    Glad your progress is going well! I get up at 5 am to run, and it’s about to be 4 am once the semester starts. Just try to get to bed earlier, though it can mean giving up an evening social life. By 8 pm I like to be winding down for the night.

    As for your back pain, I’ve experienced that after some really hard training. If you’re doing hill/incline work, it’s probably your form. Remember to lean back and drive your legs up; it’s so easy to lean into the hill, but do the opposite of what your body wants! Google form for running uphill for more specifics. Strengthening your back and core is good, too.

    Keep at it and good luck!

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