Week 4: Marathon Training

Well, we’re finally getting back on track, folks. Hello, marathon training. 

Monday: 3 miles 

My gym is still down for the rest of the week and I woke up to thunderstorms (typical Monday morning), which is not ideal running conditions. I decided to head to the LA Fitness a few towns over to run after work. Not a shabby start to the week. 
Tuesday: Rest. 

Wednesday: 6 miles 

Logged these miles (again) on the #dreadmill. It was pretty exhausting and I needed to take some walk breaks, but I finished. Thanks God for that. 

Thursday: Rest. 

Friday: Rest. 

I had intended to go to the gym after work, but my boyfriend and I got caught up helping set up for his nephew’s first birthday. 

Saturday: 8 miles! 

Hello long run! Very, very HOT long run! This was brutal. I got out around 8, which was much earlier than last week but still not early enough. It started getting reaaalllly warm around mile 4 and by mike 6 I made a pitstop at home to grab a water bottle for the last few miles. The heat is no joke. How do you train in the sweltering temps?! Really. I’m all ears. 

Sunday: Basketball (cross-training).

My boyfriend decided he had to order a basketball mid-week last week so we tried it out at the park. I’ve definitely lost my touch from high school. I think it’s safe to say I’ll stick to running. 

Oh, and in other exciting news: I GOT NEW RUNNING SHOES. I’ve wanted them for a while but kept procrastinating (they’re so expensive and I didn’t want to drop $100 on shoes — clearly I’m not like most girls). 


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Marathon Training

    1. Thanks! The treadmill is a hit or miss whether I’m absolutely hating it that day or not. And you’re advice is def noted! I might need to set my alarm for 6 a.m for this weekend’s run…

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