Philly Marathon Training Log: Week 1

Hey, hi, hello!

We’ve finally made it: Week One of Philadelphia Marathon training. If you’re new here, you can get all the deets here. For basically five months, I’ve blabbed on and on about running my first marathon this fall. Now I can finally put my money where my mouth is and start training! Insert nervous laughter.

Week One: July 3-July 9th

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Whoops, another rest day. I literally suck at getting myself out of bed in the morning. I did vow to make up those three miles at some point this week. I’d say my marathon training is off to a sub-par start.

Wednesday: 3 miles. I was happy just to make up for yesterday’s missed run. Also, FYI, Jersey is basically in a heat wave this week, so it’s in door running for me. Dreadmill here I come. 

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 3 miles. My boyfriend and I promised each other we couldn’t go to Chiptole for dinner unless we hit the gym. You can judge us by our motivation, it’s fine. 

Saturday: Rest 

Sunday: 8 miles. After missing a run this week, I was THRILLED I finished strong with my long run. Honestly, any long runs on the treadmill  deserves a medal in itself. I got in a good groove, took my time and didn’t try to zip through miles.  

Looking to next week, it’s going to be crazy since I’m going into the city for work 2 days (hello 2.5 hour commute). I’m determined to make it work though! (Even if that includes some early bird runs.)

How is your training going? Anyone else avoiding hot temps by running inside on the treadmill? 





9 thoughts on “Philly Marathon Training Log: Week 1

    1. Yes! I love the fan! It’s funny bc my gyms actually closing for two weeks to remodel. Rumor has it we might be getting new cardio equip — not complaining about that! And thank you!!!

    1. Ah, really?! I ran my first half in Philly, so it seemed fitting to run my first marathon there too!
      Have you run the Philly marathon before? The late miles along the Schuylkill seem daunting.

      1. I have. My first and only marathon was last year’s Philly marathon. The end was daunting and I wasn’t sure I’d run another one, but here I am signed up again. Last year it was combined with the half marathon so miles 12 & 13 were too quick for me because I was just going with the flow of the race. Shortly after the half runners turned off I began to feel the effects of accidentally picking up the pace. Luckily, this year the half is on a different day. Is this your first marathon?

      2. Yep, first marathon! I’ve heard that with other people that the joint races make you run faster by accident the first half. I’m happy they’re splitting it up this year. Definitely nervous about the later miles, but hopefully my training works!

  1. Also, my marathon is in Montreal during the last week of September, so the temperature inside the gym will be closer to that of the marathon (unless there is rain)

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