The Training Plan

Alright, so after a lot of research, even more questions and some much needed advice, I’ve finally landed on a training plan for the Philadelphia Marathon.


For the most part, I’ll be following Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan. This uber-fun plan is for beginners, but a bump up for those who have been running for some time. Hello, perfect for me.

Note, I didn’t download the app. Sorry Hal, I’m not trying to spend 10 bucks on something I can print for free. The schedule is printed and already transcribed in my planner though. OCD me is very happy.

Throughout my training, I’ll be tweaking the schedule as needed. I may have to swap rest or long run days because, well, life and weddings and bridal showers and grad parties and birthdays. At the end of the day, it’ll wash out to four runs a week, two cross training days and spurts of strength training where I can fit it in. Fun, no?

I also adjusted the schedule so I do two 20 mile runs. LOL, yeah, I know. I’m crazy.  I still have enough time to taper and, frankly, who knows if I’ll end up doing it in the end. I do want the option though. I want to mentally be ready for the long haul of running that far.

Other than that, I’m all systems go and excited to put my money where my mouth is and start training! Tune in next week for my first training log post!

Is anyone else starting their training this month? What training plan are you following? Any last minute advice for a first-timer? 


5 thoughts on “The Training Plan

  1. I just finished week 7 of my 20 week plan and I will say do not beat yourself up if you miss any of your training runs. As long as you can get the majority of your long runs in then you will be fine.

    1. Thanks! I’m a tad worried about losing some long runs because summers get so busy, so that’s good to hear! GL with your training! You’re almost half way!

  2. I’m training for a marathon as well… First timer too, so not a ton of advice but if you can talk to a coach it’s worth it. Also try not to get too down if a scheduled workout doesn’t go as planned… Or doesn’t happen at all… Other than that just run a lot and do your best! Oh! Drink lots of water! All the time. 🙂

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