Marathon Monday: Base Training, Speed Work & Podcasts

Hey, what’s up, hello.

As mentioned, Monday’s are officially all about marathon training. At least it is here.

In case you’re new here, in the fall I plan on running my first ever marathon. Yikes, I know. I respect the distance, I fear the distance and I’ll train like hell for that distance. And I’ll share my training along the way for laughs.

I adore reading fellow runner’s training blogs. There’s something motivating about them humanizing what I expected to be lean, mean running machines. We’re all just doing our best and sometimes that includes needing advice or encouragement — which is what I hope some of you can help out with.


Let’s Talk About Base Training

What is base training? Solid question. Base training is creating a running base for your body. This way, when you do start upping mileage during your marathon training, your body has a good running foundation. The important part to remember is that this will help you avoid injury and condition your body for the long and grueling training cycle ahead.

I’ve decided to devote June to base training. (1) Because I run, but not with any type of schedule. Lately I’ve been doing whatever I feel like, so it will be good to add some structure. (2) And probably most important, my boyfriend needs to build a solid running base. He’s athletic as anything, but I’m sure many of you know that only gets you so far (or in this case, it only gets him 13.1 miles). You have to train for 26.2 miles. I think he’s starting to get that.

It’s been going something like this:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 6 miles

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: 6 miles

Saturday: 3 miles

Sunday: 8 miles

In there, I’ve also been subbing out for some speed work once a week. I’d love to shave some time off my mile and I know I won’t be able to focus on that once marathon training starts. I’m still trying to incorporate some strength training, but it’s proving difficult to squeeze in. Oh, and I am not really a fan of lifting. I forgot that important detail.


Let Me Gush About My Favorite Marathon Podcasts for a Second

It’s not news that I’m a huge podcast fan. In fact, the only issue I have is that they can’t come out as quickly as I listen to them (which is a reason I’m thinking about giving audiobooks a try). I’ve been binge listening to marathon (or running) specific podcasts and found a few favorites.


The Running LifestyleNo surprise here that Kari and her crew are at the top of my podcast list. No matter what the distance, TRL brings something we can all incorporate into our lives in the weekly podcast.

Marathon Training Academy – Love this duo. Angie is on the quest to finish all 50-states and Trevor is the runner that probably all of us identify with at least half the time.

No Meat Athlete Radio – I’m not vegan, but I always find great running advice from this podcast. Bonus points if you are vegan though!

The Runner’s World Show – This one is super new, but if you’re a fan of the magazine, how could you not love the podcast?


All are available on iTunes to download free. I highly recommend them for runners. And please, please, please share your favorite running or health and fitness podcasts with me! I’m starving for some long run entertainment over here.


Oh, and a little extra for my fellow bookworms (or book listeners if you’re Audible fans), here’s a list of summer books I stumbled upon and now have added to my summer reading list. Each one seems more fantastic than the next. I have my fingers crossed some of them come out on audio so I can listen during long runs!



5 thoughts on “Marathon Monday: Base Training, Speed Work & Podcasts

  1. Training for my first marathon too and I totally relate to what you said – “I respect the distance, I fear the distance and I’ll train like hell for that distance.” Nailed it. Excited, afraid, determined – all the feelings of training to run a crazy distance. AMAZING week of training… nice mileage. You got this!

  2. That’s great that you’re base training now and I’m excited to follow your progress! I’m trying to ease my way into 25 miles per week over the next two months before the craziness begins in August! I still haven’t gotten into podcasts so I’ll need to give it a try on my next solo long run!

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