Why 15 Minutes of Exercise Is Better Than None

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Waiting until the perfect hour-long time span for your daily workout may not be ideal. Life gets crazy and 15 minutes of a high-intensity workout might be enough.

“Something is better than nothing” holds true for workouts. Even if you can only fit in five minutes of burpees, make like Nike and just do it. Studies have shown that we can retainphysical benefits from short, intense minutes of physical exercise. This isn’t going to replace your long sweaty spin classes, but in a time crunch, it’ll definitely do.

From college students to businessmen to busy moms, people are finding time to squeeze these micro-workouts into their day. The idea is not to wait for a perfect hour-long session that may never come. Instead, fit these smaller workouts into your day because it really is better than nothing.It’s unrealistic to think we always have

It’s unrealistic to think we always have time, or that we’ll even be up for a long workout every single day. That doesn’t mean you should skip a day. These smaller workouts force habit of exercise, energize your body and, of course, the physical benefits like a stronger core aren’t horrible.The trend holds true for yogis,

The trend holds true for yogis, runners, and high-intensity workout lovers. For example, runners are embracing quick workouts by starting run streaks. Running streaks require at least a mile run a day (aka, 15 minutes maximum of running). These streaks can go on for 30-days to many years reinforcing the habit of daily exercise. And if you’re thinking these workouts are easy; think again. While you can probably do anything for 12 minutes, these quick, intense workouts are designed to make every second count leaving you breathless.

The tech world offers over 700 “quick workout” apps making it that much easier to check your workout off your to-do list. Download these apps now (or tell us your favorite quick workout apps!).

  • 4 Quick Workout Apps to Download Now
  • 12 Minute Athlete: We all have 12 minutes in our day to get a quick HIIT workout. No promises that you won’t want to cry for those 12 minutes, though.
  • 7 Minute Workout: Seven minutes of simple exercises. Oh, and did I mention the app is free?
  • Daily Yoga: You don’t always need an intense sweat to get physical and mental benefits. Get your mind right and flexibility in check by using this daily yoga app.
  • 30 Day Ab Challenge: While not in minutes, it’s the same idea assigning four quick ab exercises a day. The app also has challenges for different fitness levels ranging from beginner to expert.

Don’t sweat it — life is gets in the way of your fitness sometimes and a quick 10-minute workout is good enough for those days, especially if it’s a Monday. Monday’s are really hard.


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