Advice for Your First Marathon from The Running Lifestyle Podcast Community

It’s been a few months since I’ve signed up for my first marathon and I still don’t regret it…yet. That might change when training revs up though, so stay tuned.

This week I shared my exciting (at least in my world) announcement with the Running Lifestyle community and pleaded for some first time marathoner advice.

If you’re new here, The Running Lifestyle is one of my favorite running podcasts (and I’ve even made an appearance on some shows and blogged for creator and host, Kari Gormley).

Kari covers the running lifestyle in its entirely from one mile beginners to ultra marathoners offering advice, tips and motivation to any runner. Her positive vibes and Serena RD’s dietitian advice keeps me going on my long runs. If you’re a runner I definitely recommend giving it a listen. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of my recommended episodes.

If you listen, you can also join the Running Lifesytle Community Group on Facebook. Let me tell you, this is a pretty cool community. (1) It validates your crazy hobby of running and (2) gives you space to ask questions and exposure to like-minded runners like you!

This is important to me since there’s not a huge community of runners in my personal life. My one friend runs crazier distances than I’ve even thought of and will be game to sign up for any race — which I’m so thankful for — and you all know my boyfriend has taken to the goal challenge of races. Otherwise, there isn’t a huge network of people that don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I say I’m training for a marathon.

Thus, my first tap at marathon training knowledge was this group of Running Lifestyle Podcast listeners. Perfect, no?


Advice #1: Trust Your Training

Now, I’m horrible at math, but running only 20 miles during training when it calls for 26 miles on show day didn’t seem to to add up to me (and honestly it still doesn’t). However, I’ve been warned by multiple people, my friend included, that I need to be weary of over training. K, fine, guys.

That was backed up by the RLS community that I need to trust my training and that it will prepare me to cross that finish line. I’ve amended to take training one day at a time.


Advice #2: Find a Good Training Plan

This is key. A good training plan can make or break your race day performance. Too much mileage can cause injury and too little can leave you under prepared. I’m in the process of doing A LOT of research to find the best one for me. I’m leaning toward Hal Hildagon because I’ve heard many good things.

(Side Note: Please recommend your training plans in comments!)


Advice #3: Stick to Said Training Plan, but also Listen to Your Body

Finally, the RLS community shared the secret to surviving training which is to actually stick to your training plan. It’s simple, but life can make easy excuses for your 4:00 a.m. tempo run. Don’t let life win. Following the plan will not only build your muscle, but your confidence and mental toughness.  Don’t regret skipping workouts when you hit that wall at mile 21 on race day, just follow your plan.

With that said, listen to your body. Don’t push an injury. Sometimes the best medicine is rest. Stretch, foam roll and do all the preventative tricks to the best you can.

Alright, so now I’m turning to you guys, what is your marathon training advice? HAAALP.



7 thoughts on “Advice for Your First Marathon from The Running Lifestyle Podcast Community

  1. Great advice. If you can handle 20 miles in a practice run then you do 6.2 more on the big day. For my first marathon my longest was supposed to be 21 miles but I did only 18 and I was fine.

    Good luck training.

  2. Listening to your body is hard but so important. I feel like I should be out running ALL the miles but I know my shins won’t take it. I’d rather be under trained than broken. And my training plan only goes up to 16 miles but I am also supposed to be running 6 days a week and that is not happening right now. Good luck!

    1. I’ve actually learned first hand from your training blogs that you need to listen to your body. So, thank you! And good luck with your training too! I love reading your weekly progress.

  3. I did Hal Hidgon for the first time for a spring half-marathon in March. I beat my time goal by 2 minutes, finishing in 1:43. I’m using one his plans again for my first marathon this fall. I actually start training next week. I’m using the intermediate plan even though it’s my first marathon because I want to be running 5 days a week (the beginner plans have you at four). He has a Facebook page you can like. I recently posted a question and got a response in less than a half hour.

    1. That’s great to hear! There are SO many training plans I was getting over whelmed. I’m similar in that I’ll want to run 5 days a week too most likely. When is your marathon? Mines not until November.

      1. Mine is October 15. His plans are 18 weeks, too. Some of the others I’ve come across are 16 weeks. Up until this point I’ve still been running 5 days a week to build a solid base prior to training. I think his plans are the best free ones. I really hate the idea of paying for a plan.

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