Why You Should Try OrangeTheory Fitness (or Any New Workout)

I didn’t agree to trying OrangeTheory Fitness because I enjoy the possibility of pushing my body to the point of pukey exhaustion. I agreed to this heart pounding, buckets of sweat, push your body to the limit workout because I always say I’ll try any workout once.

Why? Fair question. 

A couple years back, I was sitting in on a round table my company was holding for women in the workplace. One successful, confident hotel owning woman stood up to share her advice. Her advice was that: the things that make you the most uncomfortable are usually the most worthwhile ventures.

She’s so, so right. Every time in my life that I’ve been scared sh*tless to try something new (ahem, kickboxing), put myself out there (like joining a sorority), or afraid of what people will think (writing + launching a blog), they’ve been by far the most worthwhile, soul fulfilling things in my life.

This is extremely hypocritical of me to say, but let’s ignore that. I challenge you (and me) to try new things even if you’re scared. The long 10-mile runs, sweaty mid-afternoon hikes, body shaking yoga and even the 26.2 mile race (insert BIG gulp). Those things are the ones that feed your confidence, soul and life. Do them. Even if it scares the sh*t out of you.


This new, scary and unknown OrangeTheory fitness class was my new thing and it was unlike any other workout class I’d been too. I had to try it. I’m glad I did because wow (!) was it awesome and, spoiler alert, I didn’t throw up.


What exactly is OrangeTheory (or Orange Therapy people seem to keep mistaking)?

I had that same question.

OrangeTheory is a fitness studio that hooks your up to a heart rate monitor during your 60-minute cardio and strength training workout. Then through the hour of sweaty torture, your heart rate flashes on the screen with the rest of the class. The goal is obviously to stay in the Orange Zone (duh).

The actual Orange Theory is about getting that after effect that burns calories for up to 36 hours post work (yes, please!). Find out exactly how my first OrangeTheory experience went down here on The Mighty Mite Wellness Hub.

Enough about me though, have you tried OrangeTheory? Did it kick your as* too? What other classes or workouts do you recommend? 





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