Product Review: Jabra Pulse Earbuds

Whoever claimed running requires no equipment is a dumbass. Or perhaps, we’re the dummies for buying fancy tools to perform a basic human task since like a year old. I digress though because I love these gadgets.

I love goals and tracking and progress and any tool to help feed these Type A, Gretchen Rubin upholder tendencies is valuable in my opinion. But how do you choose what product, brand and style to buy?

Personally, prior to any race purchase or fitness related purchase, I dive head first into customer reviews or recaps. I particularly fall deep into the rabbit hole of personal blogs because I find them to be most honest, straightforward and genuine.

Thus, in reaction to this and my growing running toy box, I’m launching a new series on the blog for product reviews. From earbuds to books to the latest fitness technology, I’ll give you the good, the bad and the low batteried.

First up, Jabra Pulse headphones  

As you may know, I currently write “Jackie’s Take” blog posts for The Running Lifestyle podcast. Through this partnership, Kari Gormley (podcast creator and host) generously had Jabra send me a pair of their wireless Jabra Pulse earbuds to try on for size. If I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU, KARI AND JABRA.

For the last few weeks, I’ve brought these babies everywhere (well, as long as my boyfriend didn’t steal them). You can sneak back here to see what I expected from earbuds prior to receiving the Jabra Pulse earbuds. Now let’s talk about if Jabra delivered on my expectations.

Shipping & Arrival

Rating: Great

Let’s start with their arrival. I wasn’t home when UPS or FedEx dropped them off, but I did immediately receive a text from an overly eager boyfriend chomping at the bit to open the box. For back story, he equally loves fitness and gadgets as much as I do, so holding off on opening these babies up was pretty difficult for him.

I believe I sent him a text message stating the following, “DO NOT OPEN. I NEED TO TAKE PICTURES FIRST.” I wanted unopened pictures of the product before he ripped it open like a rabid animal.

After, I opened the box which contained the earbuds, charger, ear sizing pieces and carrier pouch. The earbuds actually came with enough charge for me to play around and set them up, so I was pretty jazzed.   

Set Up

Rating: Good

Jabra has an app to go along with their earbuds. On this app you can track heart rate, sync with music and do a bunch of other fun gadgety things I haven’t figured out yet.

Set up was relatively easy. You can sync the app with your other running or fitness apps too, which is impressive.   


Rating: Excellent

My main complaint about ANY headphones are that after a little bit of sweat, they’re falling out of your ears, which is beyond annoying on 5+ mile runs (actually it’s annoying on 5- mile runs).

That is not the case with the Jabra Pulse earbuds. FINALLY A PAIR OF EARBUDS THAT STAY IN YOUR EARS. These things suction cup to your ears and stay in for the entire workout. And for individuals who wear a necklace, there isn’t a cord the get tangled in your chain. The cord for the Jabra Pulse goes unnoticeably behind your head.

Moreover, the Jabra earbuds can be adjusted to any ear size. My ears run larger (like I was called Dumbo on my elementary soccer team) and my boyfriend’s ears are a bit smaller. However, we both used the earbuds and could change the ear piece to fit our ear size.



Rating: Holy Crap Clear

Warning: you will not hear a thing in these headphones and it’s totally awesome. I know there are going to be people reading this saying how I’ll go deaf in year and blah, blah, blah. Currently, I just want headphones that I can hear my podcast over the neighborhood traffic bypassing my outdoor runs and heavy breathers running next to me at the gym.

The Jabra Pulse did the trick almost too well. Even with the sound off, I had to take my earbud out to hear my boyfriend telling me the gym was closing in five minutes. Clear, sound blocking headphones is not a bad problem to have. 


Heart Rate Monitor

Rating: Good  

The heart rate monitor is not necessarily a must have for me, but it was an awesome perk. It takes a few trys to understanding how it works in conjunction with the app, but I caught on pretty quickly.

Recently, I got the Fitbit Charge as a gift (my boyfriend knows me too well). I’m planning to test both and see if they get similar readings since one reads heart rate out of your ear (Jabra) and the other reads heart rate from your wrist (Fitbit).


Bluetooth Capabilities + Wireless-ness

Ratings: Awesome-sauce

I can’t stress enough how much I love wireless headphones as opposed to my came-with-the-iPod Apple headphones. With the Jabra Pulse, it easily connected to my iPhone bluetooth (and would switch to my boyfriend’s bluetooth when I decided to share).

During my workout, I was able to leave my phone on the treadmill while I ran to fill my water bottle all while never missing a beat in my favorite podcast. 

I also found it super handy for liftin (if you’re into that). I didn’t get tangled in the cord since I could stick my phone in my pocket while I lifted my measly 30 pound weights. #happyday

For someone who never spent much on headphones (hello, broke post grad life), I 100% recommend and find value in the purchase of Jabra eadbuds for any runner, fitness freak or someone looking for a good set of noise cancelling earbuds that will actually stay in your ears.

I, honestly, I won’t be surprised if my boyfriend is asking for a pair of these for his birthday next month.


Do you have a set of Jabra earbuds? What are your thoughts on the wireless gadget? Do you use a different set of earbuds? Share below or tweet me @_jackiethomas.


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