4 Fitness Shows You Need to Watch Now

I love fitness (no, duh). I also love reality TV shows (#noshame). I can binge watch with the best of ’em and I never miss an episode of The Bachelor (if you love the ‘perfect Ben’ too, chat with me via live tweets Monday nights!).

It only makes sense to mold my two loves fitness + reality TV. With that comes some motivation, health advice and a whole lot of guilty pleasure entertainment. If you aren’t already, you need to watch these fitness reality shows!

Sweat Inc., Spike

In my humble opinion, this show didn’t get enough credit. In fact, it literally received almost zero credit since it was canceled and moved to East Bumble f*ck time slots mid-season. I kid you not, Sweat Inc. went from the 10 p.m. Tuesday time slot to 4 a.m. Wednesday time slot.images-1

Thus, if you have OnDemand, I HIGHLY recommend giving this show a shot. Every episode three entrepreneurs are brought in for differing categories (i.e. high intensity interval workouts one week then group classes the next). Each entrepreneur/trainer is then put to the test and judged based on (1) body results (will you actually lose weight?), (2) likability (will people actually want to do this exercise?) and (3) marketability (can you get people to pay to do this workout?).

For those of you that are interested in the workouts and comparing calorie burn and muscle use, you’ll love this show.


The Biggest Loser, NBC

Ah, the tried and true classic (and Jillian Michaels old stomping ground), The Biggest Loser. Come on, like you didn’t expect this one to make the list.

The Biggest Loser is a show about severely overweight individuals losing the most fat percentage in a certain amount of weeks (I honestly forget the time period, but it’s definitely not an appropriate time to lose 100+ pounds safely).



The show has received a bad rap in the past for portraying unrealistic and unhealthy weight loss goals (not to mention it’s been reported many contestants gain the weight back following the end of the season). While that’s a fair and probably true assessment, I don’t watch expecting the show to tell me the key to lose pounds of fat in a couple of weeks. I tune in for the contestants.


The Biggest Loser not only follows the weight loss journey of the contestants, but their struggles and mishaps along the way. It’s a reminder that reaching fitness goals aren’t easy for anyone and we just need to keep showing up at the gym every day to do the best we can.  If you’re with me (and also a total sucker for a good before/after story), tune in on Monday nights (same time as the Bachelor! How do I choose?!).

Fit to Fat to Fit, A&E

If you thought The Biggest Loser was bad, then you should just skip this show entirely. There is no way this is healthy for your body, but it’s probably SUPER entertaining.


The premise is that overweight contestants come on the show to lose weight. Then to show support for their journey, their trainers put on the weight the contestant is trying to lose and they work to lose the weight together. Solid hook. Horrible for the trainer’s body. In a world where Jake Gyllenhaal goes from the scrawny photographer in Night Crawler to the eight-pack boxer in South Pawl.
The one concept that sparks my interest about this show is how personal trainers react to the sudden onset of heavier weight and having to resist temptations all over again. For people that make the rest of us wonder why it’s so hard to say no to the damn cookie, it’ll be nice to see them knocked off their pedestal. That’s kinda mean, but whatever.


My Diet is Better Than Yours, ABC 

Based on the sneak peeks, this show should probably just be called real life. If a contestant doesn’t like a diet, they pick a new one. That’s called life. Easy as that.


I’m pretty sure (slash really hope) this show is actually a contest between the diet creators. The trainers want to have people stick with their nutrition and fitness plan reach their goal. That would definitely intrigue me since human beings are fascinating creatures that need a lot of hand holding in the health department at times.

It’s too soon for me to tell, but I will be giving this show a shot. Plus, did I mention Shaun T is the host?


Have you seen any of these shows? Do you share a guilty pleasure with me? Are there any shows I should be watching? Please feed my reality show addiction!



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