Podcast Spotlight: The Running Lifestyle

To kick it off the new year, doing a spotlight one of my favorite running podcasts, “The Running Lifestyle” hosted by Kari Gormley!

I found this podcast when I was beginning my first half marathon training (waaaay back in 2014). Totally fate, no? I was desperate for anything that would distract me from the nagging long runs and gave me advice on how to better myself as a runner at the same time!
“The Running Lifestyle” podcast got me through miles and miles and miles of training for my first half marathon and ever since I’ve been hooked. Kari includes race recaps, training tips, interviews and health advice. From beginners to ultra marathoners, Kari’s podcast offers something to every runner no matter where they are in their running journey.
Still not convinced? If you’re not already subscribed, here’s the skinny on The Running Lifestyle podcast. You’ll love it (and become just as obsessed as I am) if…

You’re a runner

You’re thinking about running 

You’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced runner looking for advice 

You’re inspired by other’s success stories 

You want access to elite trainer and Olympic athlete, Jeff Galloway (yes, he was Kari’s coach for her last few marathons! #starstruck) 

You want some friends to run with (you’ll be too immersed in advice from Kari or real food dietitian Serena RD to focus on the 8 miles you’re running) 

You could use some health advice (ahem, thanks Serena RD!) 

You just want to be a better person and love working toward healthy goals 

If you’re ready to hop on TRLS bandwagon, catch up with some of my favorite episodes (though you can’t really go wrong with any of them!).

You’re a beginning runner

You love race recaps 

You want to reward yourself with a running gift

You want advice from the best (aka Jeff Galloway) 

You Want to be a Better Person

You want to listen to my almost famous moment

And check back here (or on TRLS blog!) every week to chat about each week’s episode and how they can fit into your goals.

Until next time, gotta run!


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