How to Actually Keep Your New Years Resolution This Year

Today is the first day of a 365 page books.


The time is upon us to make lofty goals for the next 365 days that none of us intend on actually keeping.

We want to be better people, we really do. However, in reality, we tend to brag about our resolutions (yes, I’m going vegan to lose 50 pounds by so-and-so’s wedding), keep them for 20 seconds (wait, pizza isn’t vegan food?) and ditch ’em never to be spoken of again (eh, maybe it’ll stick next year).

I’m right there with you. In fact, I go through this routine, yearly, monthly and weekly (ahem, I’ll totally start that diet on Monday, I swear!). I’ve said it almost every year, but I’ll say it yet again: this year I will keep my resolution. What’s my resolution? I’ll get back to that.


Let’s start with resolutions we did keep.

Last December, my work had us write a letter to our future selves (as cheesy as this sounds, I was all about it). These letters could say anything. Mine basically checked in a couple of “goals” I’d hoped I would achieve by this December. Well, I may not have lost those last 15 pounds, but I did run a half marathon. And I didn’t get a huge promotion at work, but I’ve managed to get a decent amount in my saving to move out of my mom’s house. I may not have gotten that puppy, but I’m still dating (and now living) with the most wonderful human being I’ve even met.

So, even if you didn’t keep your 2015 resolution, I bet you did a lot of amazing things this year you never could have imagined. The truth is we couldn’t predict what would happen in the year ahead anymore than we could predict who killed Rebecca on How to Get Away with Murder (*SPOILER* Paris Geuller, really?!).

Life is unpredictable, messy and beautiful. I expect 2016 to be no different.

However, for fun, here are my resolutions for this year. Maybe I’ll stick to them, maybe I won’t. But my real resolution will be to make 2016 amazing and be the absolute best person I can possibly be. And let that be enough (aka fuck the haters).

  • Train and run Philly Love Run (use Fitbit to help & stay on track)
  • Run a marathon (yikes, but I’m dreaming big)
  • Build & grow personal blog (hi!) + continue to grow freelance biz (hey, hire me pls)
  • Save, save, save $ (you might expect some money savvy blog posts in your future)
  • Continue to beg the boyfriend for a puppy (long shot)


We’re a couple days away from next year. What are your resolutions? How do you plan on keeping them this year?


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