5 Insta-Worthy Workouts

We live in a digital age. Everything from the temperature of your house to reservations for dinner can be controlled with a couple clicks on a smartphone. It’s cool, but also scary if you think about iRobot too long or the fact that cars can apparently drive and get pulled over themselves now (thanks, Google).

Thus, it’s not unheard of for a smartphone to follow us into the gym. In fact, if you check out the dudes “lifting,” they love just scrolling through Insta or Twitter on their “break”.

If you’re working out and eating healthy, I’m going to call bullsh*t if you claim not to care even a semblance about your physical appearance. You care. That’s okay. I’d argue that we all do to some degree. Just like we all don’t want to post an Instagram picture and have the dreaded 10 likes on it (*delete, delete, delete*).

Well, these five workouts will make you look and feel like a baddas* on Instagram (or whatever your social media poison of choice). I promise, they’re tried and true from my very own account.

Kayaking or Canoeing


Hello, beautiful world. Nothing gets your blood pumping like spending a blissful day with nature. With gym memberships and the latest fitness trending videos, we take the simple outdoors for granted. Get out of the house, there’s better photo lighting out there anyway. Just make sure you do it soon, because you know, winter is coming (despite this 60 degree December weather).


Boxing or Kickboxing


If you’ve hit the dreaded plateu, try kickboxing. If you’re stressed and looking for a good outlet, try kickboxing. If you just want a fun workout that will undoubtedly kick your as*, TRY KICKBOXING. Are you starting to get the picture? (See what I did there?)

Race Day Finish


Few things garner more support than finishing a big race and posting it on social media. Seriously, even the bitchy, haters throw you a like.




You are not required to even be in this photo. In fact, I highly encourage that you aren’t. It’ll probably get more likes. Hiking is one of those activities that are really, really good for your soul. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, a four mile hike turns into eight. Just make sure you bring enough water.

Any Exercise that Involves Your Dog

Nothing gets more likes than an adorable puppy on social media. Actually, even the not-so-adorable ones are thrown a bone like (I know, I have to stop). Combine a puppy with your workout and you’ll be questioning whether you or your dog is more liked. Plus, you and your pooch are getting a great workout!

[insert photo of puppy. Unrelated: Santa, any room for a pup in your sleigh this year?]

Exercise and being healthy isn’t just for the likes. It’s to actually be healthy and strong and all that crap fun stuff, but if getting the likes is important to you, social media will eat these photos right up.

Feel free to follow me on Insta [jaclynthom] and share with me your favorite workouts to post on social media!


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