The Best Fall Outdoor Exercises 

I love the outdoors. There is literally nothing more satisfying (or therapeutic) than a long run in the fresh air. Unfortunately, I hate the cold. Like I hate the cold so much that at night I pile six blankets on top of me and proceed to hear my boyfriend complain about how I’m a human heater. 

Living in the northeast doesn’t provide the luxury of year round outdoor exercise (no, I could never muster the courage to become a winter outdoor runner). Thus, I had to fit in some of my favorite exercises before winter is here! 


I’m not actually good at conoeing. Actually I was paddling the wrong way. Even after years of sailing, I can’t get down the opposite paddle to where you want to go ratio. Oh well. Regardless, this was a great (and different) workout for my arms…even if we were going in circles. 

We took the time to go hiking along the lake — I was too afraid of bears in the forest. Call me irrational. Whatever. Hiking can go from a mile to eight without you realizing but the elevation changes will have you sore later on! Just make sure you bring enough water and maybe a snack to refuel. And bear spray…

Fingers crossed I can fit in a couple more outdoor workouts before frost hits! 

What are your favorite outdoor workouts? Is there any workout you can only do in a specific season? 


3 thoughts on “The Best Fall Outdoor Exercises 

  1. I also love the outdoors. I ,however, have become a winter lover! I also used to hate being cold, but then I discovered winter running and I embraced winter with a passion. I dress for it and never feel the cold. Now I love all 4 seasons that Canada offers! #lovetheoutdoors #lovethetrail

    1. Hi, Susan! WOW. More power to you! I can get out there in 40 degree weather, but once there’s snow on the ground, I’m inside and on the treadmill. I bet you have A LOT colder weather up in Canada though !

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