My Absolute Favorite Blog & Freelance Writing Podcast Episodes

I love to write. Like I love it so much, that I do it for free. I’ll end my exhausting work, commute and errand filled days with writing, editing and pitching. Either I’m crazy or have way too much free time. Possibly both.

I started writing for websites in college – free obviously. Every website (no matter how small) has been a building block to my next internship, job or assignment. By senior year of college, I landed an editorial internship at Seventeen Magazine. After graduation, I got paid internship at The Wall Street Journal then got hired full time shortly after. Thus, my mantra: no assignment is too small. 

I freelance regularly for a handful of websites (hey, I have a day job), but I’ve got a long way to go. The key is to build my experience, skills and little blog. Blogs are a great one-stop-shop for writers to display their work.

If writing is your poison passion of choice, the first step to creating fire-cracking, clickable content is to become an expert in blogging and freelancing. How do you do that? Learn from the best and successful. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite podcasts featuring successful freelancers and bloggers. They tell-it-like-it-is and give honest advice on how to do what you love and maybe make a few bucks in the process.  Isn’t that the dream after all? Get paid to do what we’d do for free.


The finance blogger and freelance writer breaks down how you can actually make money freelancing (and save a few bucks in your day-to-day life). She starts from the beginning of her story to how she’s  managing a full-time career through her blog and brand. Also, she has fantastic martini recipes.


This episode features travel blogger Nikki Vargas from The Pin the Map Project. She’s worked her way from a blog that “only her parents read” to getting free rooms to hotels in Paris. Doesn’t that sound like the dream? I failed French in high school, but even I can say, oui-oui.

Listen Money Matters, “Get Paid To Blog with Cat Alford of Budget Blonde

Cat Alford talks about how she started her first paid writing gig at $10 and now only works 25-30 hours a week making six figures. No matter what the topic, Cat shares her story and how you can grow your hobby into an income.

Even if you don’t want this to be your full-time gig, are you going to complain about making a few bucks? Share your favorite freelance/blogging tips podcasts or blogs below!



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