WSJ Live: How Not to Bomb a Job Interview

Webinar 1

Let’s be real, you haven’t mastered interviewing until, well maybe we never truly mastered in interviewing. Don’t worry, Nikki and Pamela are here to help and trust me, these are some women you’ll want to listen to!

Nikki Waller, Management and Careers Content Editor at The Wall Street Journal, and Pamela Skillings, CEO, spill the secrets to acing your interview.

Pamela’s Rules for Interviews:

1. No winging it.
2. Use the “tell me about yourself” opening as an opportunity.

3 Part Model — Answer these three questions in 1-2 minutes.

Who am I professionally? 

Why am I qualified?

Why am I here? How does it fit with my broader life goals?

3. Practice!
4. Know how to answer tough questions.

What is your biggest weakness? No, don’t say nothing! And turns out, turning a negative into a positive doesn’t cut it anymore either.

You’re better off choosing something mild, that you are working to improve on. We’re all human, they know you’re not perfect, but it’s important you try to better yourself.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Um, that’s a good question, Mom. You just graduated, you don’t know where you see yourself next week, let alone five years. This question is a toughy, but just get in the head of the interviewer and figure out why they’re asking this question.

5. Avoid the compensation as long as possible.

When this converstaion inevitably does come up, use the term “competitive offer”. It shows you’re worth being paid fairly, but not selling yourself for cheap. In addition, prep and do research on what an acceptable pay level for your position would be.

6. What question should you ask?
7. Thank the interviewer in 24 hours. 

Send a quick email to say thanks, keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Watch the full webinar here. Any questions they didn’t answer? Let me know or tweet them to @WSJCollege on Twitter!


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