Motivational Monday: 5 Podcasts to Listen to This Week

Mondays are hard. Like really, really hard. Like suddenly you’re bed is made of clouds and cotton candy and you’re trapped in this deliciously comfortable pit struggling to care enough to attempt getting out. Yes, Mondays are that hard and no, I’m not being dramatic at all. Everyone hates Mondays. It’s a life rule.

In the slew of workouts, healthy eating and overall emotional sanity, Mondays are very important. Never miss a Monday. Yes, this is 100% mental on all our parts. You don’t need that fresh week to start your diet, new workout or revamp your way of thinking, but we think we do. The fact we think we do is the important part.

Let me help you to make Mondays a little less sucky with some fun, motivational and inspirational tips to kick off your week. This week, we’ll start with some of my favorite podcasts that I know you’ll love. And, since I’m so great, I included links so you can download all these great listens right away. I know, you’re welcome.

5 Podcasts to Listen to This Week 


1. SerialIf you haven’t heard about the Serial podcast yet, stop reading this blog and go download it immediately. Seriously, go. This podcast is about a 90s murder of a high school girl and her ex-boyfriend who was convicted. The case follows the inconstancies in witness accounts, questions of character and the law system. You will be too tangled in deciding if this boy serving almost 15 years in jail deserves to be there to worry that you’re getting tired around mile 5.

PodcastHappierLogo2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin: We call could use a little extra happy in our lives, especially on a Monday, grumpy pants. These 20 minute podcasts give you happiness challenges for your week, advice on what steals your happiness and just general good vibes that’ll lift you up if a tough week is a head of you.

3. The Running Lifestyle: This is for the fellow runners out there. Kari Gormley is great. She started this podcast as remedial as any of us taking advice and tips to get better along the way. This podcast makes you realize that you don’t need a medal or Olympic record to be a runner. From fast walkers to marathoners, this podcast gives stories, tips, and help for “the long run” of life.

IMG_27601-1024x1024-300x3004. The Chalene Show: She is a ball of super positive energy. She gives you motivation and tips to make life a little easier not only on Mondays, but all week. If you’re starting or trying to keep up a healthy diet, she shares in the the hardships of going out to lunch with friends without looking like you’re eating like a rabbit.

5. This American Life: This one is an acclaimed favorite among many people I know. I just started to listen and I’m still on the fence. I’ve heard some really interesting episodes and some that made me question downloading this again. Help me figure out if this is worthy of a weekly download and give it a listen.

Happy listening and I hope you have a happier Monday! And just remember:


4 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: 5 Podcasts to Listen to This Week

  1. Jackie, thank you for listening to the Running Lifestyle Show. You are too sweet. It is an honor to be listed with these podcasts. You’ll have to come on the show and tell us how you stay motivated to keep on running. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words!

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