Maybe We All Should Come with a Warning Label

First of all, Meghan Trainor says it so fucking right. “You gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I’m acting crazy.” This is relevant. I act crazy frequently.

I’m 22 & no, I don’t want to get married tomorrow. But someday I do. I actually really, really do. And, despite my parent’s route, I only want to do it once. Don’t get me wrong, double the wedding means double the presents, but finding one man to put up with me, let along two in a lifetime just seems impossible.

The reason the inevitable thought of marriage came to me recently is the stage I’ve found myself stumbling into after graduation. I’m not getting married or anywhere near that, so chill out. But basically, within the next 10 years, my life is going to change a hell of a lot. In the next 10 years, our best friends, sisters, and relatives will meet their future husbands. And yes, I’m sure you will too, calm down crazy.

It’s way more fun to think about the guys your friends will end up with and here’s why: Who the hell was this guy before he was your best friend’s husband?

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.08.42 PM

Thinking back to who these people were before they were your friends husbands is possibly the most eye opening way to realize that love doesn’t give a single fuck and will come at you whenever and wherever it wants. Was he “that guy with the avengers shirt you made out with at the bar” or the “creep who liked your Insta post from 3 years ago #stalker”?

Here are a couple of the guys I hope my friends call their husbands some day…and strictly because of the good “how they met stories”…

  • The guy you said you loved that you met at a frat party
  • The guy you did the sprint of shame from the morning after
  • The guy who thought it was OK to serenade you with a guitar
  • The guy who ripped your tampon out to have sex
  • The guy you called your boyfriend on social media before meeting
  • The guy who cried
  • The guy you met on Tinder

Cheers to hopefully attending some of these weddings! They will seriously make for a hell of a toast.


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