A Cheat Sheet to a Senior’s Last Semester

You’re in denial. I get it. I was too for a short while. Okay, maybe a long while. Last semester of senior year needs to be carefully spent or you might be one of the fifth years that hang around all too often.

Let’s get the hard part out of the way. If you want to believe that the last semester is all black outs and daydreams, I hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong. Unless you genuinely don’t give a fuck, which might actually be a good handful of you, you’ll be feeling your share of pre-post grad stress and a roller coaster of emotions.

For as zero fucks as you will give this semester, your career will not be on of them.  There’s something about the paralyzing fear you’re moving home indefinitely that lights a fire under your ass to plan some type of career path aka an escape from Azkaban strategy.

Thus, here’s the good, the bad and the drunk of your last semester of college. Soak it up, live it up and take notes.

  1. You’ll be interning or working, but so will everyone else. This is perfect for you transition period. Adults go to happy hour after work, but then they go home because life weights a million pounds in the real world. Being a senior, you go to happy hour and roll that into bar hopping and drunk pizza. That’s the definition of the best of both worlds.
  2. Just when the weather gets warmer (and you get drunker), the graduation count down begins. I hate January and February. They’re cold, holiday-less months and it makes me sad. March to April warms up moderately, but just when you can finally take off the NorthFace, BAM you’re walking up to get your diploma. Too cruel. My advise? Hide a flask in your graduation gown.
  3. Suddenly, everyone and their brother is asking about your post grad plans. Is sleeping and eating acceptable to tell people? No? Okay, we’ll keep that to ourselves.
  4. You should have the easiest schedule known to man. You picked classes first. You know your way around the system. If you saved your hardest classes for the last semester, you don’t even deserve to graduate. Idiot.
  5. You will feel like a pretty fucking big deal. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but being 4 years veteran to this school, you know everyone on campus. Kudos if you’re in Greek life. You’ll never go anywhere without seeing someone you know.
  6. Presents, ca$h & alcohol. From everyone and anyone. It’s great. Graduation alcohol covered me for most of summer 2014. Word to the wise, if mom wants to throw you a totally annoying family graduation party, let her.
  7. All hook-ups are fair game. You literally will never see these people again. May the odds be ever in your favor.
  8. Save the drama for never. You’re graduating. Get the fuck over whatever that bitch did, have a drink and party together. I promise you’ll forget about her in a year, so don’t let her ruin your last semester by spending more time working on your stink eye than enjoying a good drink.
  9. You will have to say goodbye to seeing your best friends daily. This part really sucks. Enjoy it while you can and don’t forget to make the effort after graduation. That’s when friendships are tested.
  10. Don’t fight it. Don’t spend the whole semester avoiding the taboo word of graduation. Go out and have fun, but be excited for the next chapter to begin. All us alum have made it to the other side, and it’s actually a pretty good time.



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