The Funny Thing about Finding Your Passion

I always thought that finding your passion was half the battle. Hell, if you knew what you loved to do, you just had to work your butt off to make it happen. Piece of cake. 

I’m not going to admit I was wrong, but I was definitely not right. My reasoning came from a slew of unmotivated individuals I’ve come across that didn’t know what they would do if they weren’t paid a dime to do it. I felt bad for them and for whatever reason felt superior for having my lucratively laughable passion that is journalism.

The truth is that we can find multiple passions in life. Some passions pay more, some are easier, some come later in life, some are meant to just be a hobby and some are filled with impossible people. So how do you know the right one for you? You don’t. But fuck it, try them all. 

In the New Year, maybe it’s time to resolve that pursuing one passion for your career and another as a hobby is actually ideal. These passions will make you come alive in every aspect of your life and that’s pretty much what life’s about. So shut up and pursue whatever the hell you want.



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