That Time I Gave Spin Class a Spin

Let’s talk about spin class. People aren’t lying, it’s a bitch. And the fact that it’s Sunday night and my ass is still store speaks for itself. Shockingly enough, however, I’m going back. Why? Well, why not? If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, right? 



My sister will probably kill me if/when she sees this photo on public space, but even that moment doesn’t capture the amount of sweat and minor limping we did out of the studio. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I agreed with the rest of society that bikes were for babies. Okay, not babies, but if you see someone on a bike at the gym, you assume they want to burn 100 calories in a year before they push themselves to the limit on a treadmill. 

Alas (I’ve never actually used that word, but now seemed as appropriate as any to whip it out)..alas, I decided an estimated four minutes into the 55 minute class that I would never do a triathlon for the sole reason there is a bike involved. 

Why am I going back? Well, first off, it’s an insane workout. I’m working every single day and this class is pushing me to limits I can’t push myself on my own. Despite the burn, I love it and I love the feeling I get a couple times through out the class. That feeling that you can kick anyones ass and the instructor is pushing you so far you think your legs will fly off your body. The lights are out, black lights making your shoelaces glow and music so loud no one would hear if you belted out your favorite Katy Perry lyrics. 

Try it. I know I sound crazy. That’s partially because I am, but also because you should challenge yourself. A group of women CEOs agreed that the best piece of advice was that, “If it makes you uncomfortable — go for it.” Those uncomfortable risks were some of the best risks of their life. So get rid of your excuses and try spin class. Be the slowest, sweatiest or most scared person there, but take a page out of Nike’s book and just do it. The first class is free most places anyway. 


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