Why do you write your blog?

If you post a blog, but no one reads it, does it exist? 

Why write something that seems like no one is reading? Despite your innate passion to write, this has crossed the mind of any blogger at least once or twice. Thus, if no one is reading, do you have to censor what you say? Should there be a higher invisible audience we are answering to?

At the very least, at the end of the day, you’re writing to future you. Yes, this seems like I’m trying to get you to drink the Kool-Aid. Just hear me out.

Say 2 years from now, no one reads your blog. Not a single soul finds your musings interesting (which in this vast world I find a bit unrealistic). Never-the-less, in two years where will you be? Time capsules are very much outdated, but digital timelines are in. Even if there is not audience, write for you future self.

In two years you could be climbing the ladder to your dream career and reminisce on your perky motivation back in the day. OR you could be trapped in a miserable job and this might be the spark to motivate a change in your life.

While it may seem like the audience is non-existent, your future audience or self might just be the most important one yet. Keep that in mind.



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